About Van Edom’s

About Van Edom’s


Bart Van Edom always had a dream to open a wine bar, that dream has become a reality with the opening of Van Edoms’ Wine Bar at the Markets at Choto.

Van Edoms evolved from Bart’s personal enjoyment of entertaining his passion for good wine and beer, good food, and the desire to share that with others. He wants Van Edoms’ to be an extension of his own home where people can come, relax, and enjoy themselves.

From the layman to the connoisseur Van Edoms’ will be a place to taste and experience the finest varieties of wines and beers. With a background as a chemist Bart has a special interest in the chemical process of making wine which gives him a critical edge in understanding and selecting top wines. In addition Bart is Belgian and has included Belgian beers as a big part of the drink menu with the hopes of bringing some real Belgian beer culture to the area. His frequent travels will also translate into the food and drink menu and you can definitely expect to see some Belgian dishes with a Southern twist incorporated as well.

Bart is very excited to have you visit Van Edom’s Wine Bar and hopes that your experience is much more than a drink, but also enjoyable moments in a relaxing environment with good friends and savoring the best in food and beverage.

What Does The Map Mean?

During your next visit stop and check out the map in our hall. Travel is important to us as part of our search & passion of curating our beer and wine selections. We celebrate the places we have been and look forward to all the places we will go. A pin has been placed on all the destinations that have led to opening this wine bar.